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Writing Custom Accessibility Tests

The AudioEye Accessibility Testing SDK allows you to write custom tests using the @audioeye/testing-sdk-core package. This package provides the core functionality used for all of our testing frameworks. If specific framework coverage is not provided, you can use this package to write your own tests.


Visit the Getting Started guide to install the SDK and set up your project.


Use the findIssues function to run your custom tests. This function can be imported from @audioeye/testing-sdk-core/testingTools. The return type of this function is a Result provided by the ts-results package.

Importing the function

import { findIssues } from '@audioeye/testing-sdk-core/testingTools';

findIssues type signature

import { Result } from 'ts-results';
import type { RenderResult } from '@testing-library/react';

export declare type EvaluateRulesInputType =
| string
| RenderResult
| HTMLElement
| DocumentFragment
| JQuery<HTMLElement>;

declare type TestingSdkAllResultType = {
ruleResults: TestingSdkRuleResultType[];
exitCode: number;
summaryResults: string;
formattedResults: string;

declare type TestingSdkRuleResultType = {
ruleCode: string;
ruleMetadata: RuleMetaOutput | undefined;
result: FailResult;
source: string;

declare type RuleMetaOutput = {
code: string;
fullName: string;
description: string;
wcagSuccessCriteriaNumber: string;
wcagSuccessCriteriaName: string;
wcagSuccessCriteriaLevelCode: string;
sourceFixGuidance?: string;

export declare type FailResult = {
result: 'fail';

export declare const findIssues: (input: EvaluateRulesInputType) => Result<TestingSdkAllResultType, string>;


import { findIssues } from '@audioeye/testing-sdk-core/testingTools';

// `findIssues` takes a single argument of type `EvaluateRulesInputType`
// This can be a string, a `RenderResult` object from `@testing-library/react`, an `HTMLElement`, a `DocumentFragment`, or a `JQuery<HTMLElement>`
const result = findIssues(document.body);

if (!result.ok) {
throw new Error(result.val);

const { ruleResults, exitCode, summaryResults, formattedResults } = result.val;

// Handle the results